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Liquid Stake ATOM to enjoy the best of both worlds—Earn ATOM staking rewards for securing the Cosmos Hub and participate in DeFi with stkATOM for additional yields
Liquid ATOM Staking
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Why liquid stake your

ATOM yields like never before

Liquid staking ATOM on pSTAKE generates high yields by auto-compounding ATOM staking rewards while enabling you to easily use your staked ATOM in Cosmos DeFi

Safe, Secure, Solid

Security audits from Halborn & Oak Security, upcoming Immunefi Bug Bounty, and on-chain monitoring measures ensure you have a secure experience while liquid staking your ATOM

By Cosmonauts,
For Cosmonauts

Minimal fees, fast transactions, high rewards, IBC interoperability, and Liquid Staking Module (LSM) support make liquid staking your ATOM (or natively staked ATOM) smooth and seamless

Staking vs Liquid Staking ATOM

Liquid ATOM StakingStaking ATOM
Liquid Stake ATOMLiquid Staking ATOM with pSTAKE
What is it?
Act of locking ATOM for securing the Cosmos Hub to receive rewards
Act of locking ATOM with a liquid staking protocol to secure the Cosmos Hub & receive a staked ATOM token to participate in Cosmos DeFi
APR (after fees)
Average ~18.5 %
Up to ~0 %
Auto-compounding rewards
Participation in Governance
In subsequent upgrade after stkATOM launch
Unbonding period of 21 days where no staking rewards are earned
Directly swap for ATOM via a Liquidity Pool
Staked ATOM remains locked and inaccessible
Additional smart contract risk with liquid staking ATOM
Fees & Commissions
Average 7% on ATOM staking rewards
0% on withdrawals & deposits
5% on ATOM staking rewards
Validator Delegation
You choose who to delegate to
Your ATOM stake is divided equally among 62 validators
Instant Redemption by skipping unbonding period
Not possible
Only possible with pSTAKE

Liquid Staking ATOM in 1, 2, 3

Liquid ATOM Staking

Liquid Stake ATOM

Deposit any non-zero amount of ATOM to stake through pSTAKE’s diverse validator set & earn staking rewards

Liquid ATOM Staking

Receive stkATOM

Get liquid stkATOM in return which increases in value relative to your staked amount every staking rewards epoch

Liquid ATOM Staking

Participate in DeFi

Put your stkATOM to work in the Cosmos Ecosystem with various opportunities in the DeFi tab on pSTAKE’s application

Put your stkATOM to work in the Cosmos DeFi Ecosystem

Why Liquid Stake ATOM with one validator when you can stake with 62?

stkATOM Security Partners


FAQs about ATOM Liquid Staking

  • stkATOM follows an exchange rate model (also known as the cToken Model) which results in stkATOM increasing in value against ATOM as the protocol accrues staking rewards. Thus, 1 stkATOM is worth more after each reward epoch, or 24 hours. Liquid stakers are given stkATOM tokens at the prevailing exchange rate at the moment they stake.
  • Users can claim ATOM from the pSTAKE protocol 21 days after the unstaking transaction. To avoid waiting for 21 days, try using the Instant Redeem option on the unstaking page!
  • Rewards accrue into the value of stkATOM which increases after every reward epoch. Users start earning rewards from the end of the first day after staking.
  • See the rewards section for further details. pSTAKE charges 5% on liquid staking rewards, where 95% goes to stkATOM holders and 5% goes to the protocol. In order to pay for transaction fees, users may need to hold a small amount of XPRT on the Persistence chain.
  • See the Validator Delegation Strategy section for further details. Your stake is distributed equally to all validators in our set. Validators in the set are chosen in order to optimise uptime, low commission rates, high governance participation, and low instances of slashing.
  • See the Migration Tool section for more information. We have compiled a user guide for the migration, and the tool itself will also guide you through the process.
  • Yes, pSTAKE supports LSM (Liquid Staking Module). Users can liquid stake their staked ATOM instantly on pSTAKE without having to go through the 21-day unbonding period
  • No, users’ staked ATOM will remain with the same validator they have originally staked with, provided the validator is part of pSTAKE’s validator set of 62 validators.
  • A user will be ineligible to liquid stake their staked ATOM with pSTAKE if the validator is not part of pSTAKE’s validator set of 62 validators or it’s jailed.

stkATOM Migration


Migration of stkATOM(ERC-20) to Persistence Core-1 Chain

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