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Unlock Liquidity of BNB

Enjoy the best of both worlds in the BNB ecosystem - Earn upto 0% in staking and DeFi yields when you stake your BNB with pSTAKE
Total Value Unlocked(TVU)

Why pSTAKE for BNB?

Say goodbye to illiquidity

Receive stkBNB to maintain liquidity of otherwise locked BNB when you stake

Yields. Yields. Yields.

Generate the highest yields with auto-compounding BNB staking rewards & various stkBNB DeFi opportunities, all while securing the BNB chain network

Redemption time?

Skip unstaking and unbonding process of your BNB by directly swapping stkBNB from a liquidity pool

Staking vs Liquid Staking

Liquid ATOM StakingStaking BNB
Liquid Stake ATOMLiquid Staking BNB with pSTAKE
What is it?
Act of locking BNB for securing the BNB chain to receive rewards
Liquidity on staked BNB to enable its usage in DeFi dApps on BSC
APR (after fees)
Upto ~3.5%
Minimum BNB Requirement
0.000001 BNB
Auto-compounding rewards
Unbonding period of 7 days where no staking rewards are earned
Directly swap for BNB via a Liquidity Pool
Staked BNB remains locked and inaccessible
Additional smart contract risk

Put your stkBNB to work in the
BNB DeFi Ecosystem

Why stake with one validator when you can stake with 10


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  • stkBNB is the underlying representative token (liquid-staked version) of BNB, which is minted when staking BNB on pSTAKE.
  • There is no minimum or maximum limit to the amount of BNB a user can stake. pSTAKE allows users to stake any non-zero amount of BNB on our platform. Please ensure you leave enough BNB in your wallet to pay for any associated gas fees.
  • stkBNB follows an exchange rate model (Compound’s cToken model) which increases in value as the protocol accrues staking rewards. Thus, 1 stkBNB is worth more after each reward epoch (24 hours). Users are minted stkBNB tokens at the ongoing exchange rate.
  • Rewards accrue into the value of stkBNB which rises after every epoch (UTC 00:00 hrs).  Users start earning rewards from the first epoch after staking.
  • pSTAKE will charge 0% fees for BNB Liquid Staking until November 2022. This fee can be updated in the future through pSTAKE Governance.
  • Staking rewards mainly come from the transaction fees paid by users of the BSC chain and thus vary according to the network activity. pSTAKE uses a validator scoring mechanism based on APR, uptime, and number of slashing instances to delegate to the top validators on the BNB chain.
  • Stakers do not directly face slashing risk as validators are slashed from their self-staked BNB. Stakers do face the risk of missing out on staking rewards if any of the validators in pSTAKE’s validator set is jailed or is offline. The loss of rewards is distributed across all the stkBNB stakers on pSTAKE. pSTAKE stakes only with the top validators on the BNB chain and will implement an onchain validator scoring mechanism to minimise such incidences.

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