Liquid ATOM Staking

Secure and Reliable Bitcoin Yields with BTC Liquid Staking

Liquid Stake BTC to get rewards from Babylon's staking protocol for securing multiple app chains while maintaining your liquidity.

Why is pSTAKE Building for Bitcoin?

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₿elief in Bitcoin

Our fundamental faith in Bitcoin, what it stands for and enables, and our understanding of the significance of cash flow drive us to build for BTC.

Generational opportunity for BTCfi

Generational opportunity for BTCfi

With less than 1% of the Bitcoin market cap in DeFi today, we want to securely make BTC a more active and yield-generating asset for all.

Drive Distribution, Attract Attention

Drive Distribution, Attract Attention

Building for the biggest crypto asset gives PSTAKE an unfair advantage to be a segment leader and tackle problems like expanding distribution and attracting institutions.

Why Liquid Stake your BTC with pSTAKE?

From Proof of Work to Putting BTC to Work.

Securely generate yield on Bitcoin by securing app chains with Babylon’s staking protocol and additional DeFi yield.

Built for BTC. Built on Babylon. Built by Bitcoiners.

pSTAKE’s vision and belief in Bitcoin combined with the collaboration with Babylon aims yo make BTC a yield-generating asset for all.

Safe, Secure, and Solid.

Liquid staking BTC with pSTAKE will be audited by leading security firms and facilitated by trusted institutional custody providers.

Every morning is a Bitcoin Morning. ​​₿m.


Bitcoin Liquid Staking FAQs

  • Bitcoin liquid staking is a solution that allows BTC holders to stake BTC assets through a non-custodial route. This method opens up the potential for increased returns on your idle BTC holdings, all while retaining the asset's liquidity. In essence, Bitcoin liquid staking offers a secure, non-custodial way for BTC holders to maximize the potential returns on their holdings.
  • Babylon is a security-sharing protocol that allows users to stake BTC to secure an alternative PoS blockchain and earn rewards. Its innovation shares security from Bitcoin’s battle-tested proof-of-work network and applies it to PoS networks through its Layer-2 security solution. Best of all, Babylon achieves all this without users having to bridge their assets while allowing them to retain custody.
  • Bitcoin liquid staking is not live but is coming very shortly.
  • The pSTAKE BTC liquid staking solution is built atop the Babylon infrastructure. It lets users stake their BTC and mint yBTC, a yield-bearing liquid staking derivative. The yield is generated from Babylon’s security-sharing solution, which provides security to PoS blockchains while earning rewards for the additional security provided.
  • Bitcoin liquid staking is non-custodial. You don’t have to hand over custody of your assets to a third party. Instead, you can simply trust the audited code and smart contracts.
  • Babylon has gone through great lengths to ensure the security of its protocol. For example, the project has eight security audits so far from high-profile security ferns including Red4Sec, Consensys, and Pessimistic. The protocol also has an ongoing Bug Bounty program in a partnership with Immunefi, offering rewards up to $100,000 for any critical vulnerabilities found.

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pSTAKE Finance is making BTC yield-generating with a liquid staking solution for the $1T+ Bitcoin market.