Liquid ATOM Staking

Secure, Decentralized
DYDX Liquid Staking

Liquid Stake DYDX with 30+ dYdX validators to enjoy the best of both worlds—DYDX staking rewards & stkDYDX DeFi opportunities.

Why Liquid Stake your

Decentralize your DYDX stake. And the dYdX chain.

DYDX deposits on pSTAKE get staked with 30+ dYdX validators with the help of a transparent, on-chain data-driven algorithm focused on chain decentralization.

Built for DYDX. Built On Persistence One.

Never worry about repeatedly claiming rewards with no-click auto compounding of DYDX and USDC staking rewards with stkDYDX. Enjoy 0% fees for DYDX liquid staking until April 2024.

Safe, Secure, and Solid.

Liquid staking with pSTAKE is audited by leading security firms like Halborn and Notional, along with an active Immunefi Bug Bounty program. stkDYDX is also audited separately by Oak Security.

Get DYDX liquidity in a flash

Swap stkDYDX on DEXs like Dexter or use pSTAKE’s unique Flash Unstake feature to get liquid DYDX.

Liquid Staking DYDX Liquid ATOM Staking

Liquid ATOM Staking

Stake DYDX

Connect your wallet and deposit any non-zero amount of DYDX on pSTAKE.

Liquid ATOM Staking

Receive stkDYDX

Get liquid stkDYDX in return. Pat yourself on the back for contributing to the dYdX chain decentralization, as your stake is now delegated to 30+ validators.

Liquid ATOM Staking

Participate in DeFi

Find various yield opportunities to put your stkDYDX to work through pSTAKE’s DeFi tab. stkDYDX’s value will increase daily as DYDX and USDC staking rewards are auto-compounded.

stkDYDX Security Partners



  • stkDYDX is the liquid staked token issued by pSTAKE Finance on the Persistence One Chain.
  • When DYDX is liquid staked, pSTAKE automatically distributes it to more than 50% of all dYdX chain validators. This feat is achieved with a transparent, on-chain data-driven algorithm focused on dYdX chain decentralization. Validators are selected based on parameters such as voting power, commission, uptime, governance participation, etc.
  • stkDYDX follows a protocol exchange/redemption rate model that defines the relationship between stkDYDX and DYDX.
    stkDYDX’s value (relative to DYDX) increases daily as DYDX and USDC staking rewards are accrued and auto-compounded. 1 stkDYDX tomorrow will always be worth more than it is today.
    stkDYDX is always minted at the protocol exchange/redemption rate at the time of your deposit.
  • DYDX has an unbonding process of 30 days. If regularly unstaked, you can get the respective DYDX tokens back in ~30+ days. With stkDYDX, you get the unique option to ‘Flash Unstake’, giving you instant access to DYDX liquidity for a small fee.
  • Liquid staking providers charge a certain fee from the staking rewards that are generated by total protocol deposits.
    The PSTAKE governance has approved a 0% fee on DYDX liquid staking (compared to 10% by other providers) initially for two months after launch.
  • stkDYDX is non-custodial and is built using the IBC tech stack on the Persistence Core-1 chain, similar to stkATOM. Learn more here.
  • stkDYDX brings innovations to the DYDX liquid staking landscape such as Flash Unstake, UX improvements like no-click DYDX and USDC staking rewards auto-compounding, and a 0% liquid staking fee initially after launch. In addition, stkDYDX is custom-built to help decentralize the dYdX chain further. Learn more here.

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