Liquid ATOM Staking

Join stkETH v2 Testnet

Feelin’ lucky? Become one of the first DeFi users to natively liquid stake ETH on L2s— Arbitrum & Optimism.
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Note: The stkETH v2 Marvel Testnet Campaign has now been concluded. The testnet app is still available for further exploration and testing.

Scaling the Ethereum
LSDeFi Landscape

Choose where you want to liquid stake

With pSTAKE, you choose where to receive your liquid staked ETH—Arbitrum, Optimism, or Ethereum.

Layer 2 native liquid staking

Directly stake your ETH present on Arbitrum or Optimism. No need to bridge it back to Ethereum. No extra steps required. No time & gas fees lost.

Convenience at your fingertips

Say goodbye to multiple txns & high fees with 1-click liquid staking on Layer 2s.

Marvel Testnet Campaign
(Now Concluded)

Participate in testnet

Get your testing hats on & perform various on-chain actions like minting stkETH natively on Arbitrum/Optimism—only possible with pSTAKE.

Provide feedback

Fill out the form to share your experience, report any bugs, and provide suggestions for improvement. 10 most valuable feedback submissions win $50 in PSTAKE each.

Claim & Earn

Join the Testnet campaign on Galxe to verify quests and mint exclusive Marvel NFTs. Unlock $10,000 in PSTAKE rewards after the stkETH Mainnet launch.

Testnet Incentives

Introducing $10,500 in exciting incentives exclusively for our testnet participants, divided into two parts:

1. Beta testers: Win a share of $500 in $PSTAKE for the top 10 most valuable feedback submissions.

2. Road to Mainnet: Claimed exclusive Marvel NFTs on Galxe? Join us on Mainnet and share a pool of $10,000 in PSTAKE based on the below criteria:

Amount staked (ETH)% USD value as incentives
0.1 ETH - 5 ETH1%
5 ETH - 50 ETH0.5%
50 ETH - 250 ETH0.25%

Explore the Community

Learn more about pSTAKE Finance, chat with fellow pStakers, and have your say in the future of liquid staking everything.

pSTAKE Finance provides a secure and decentralized liquid staking solution for the $170B+ market across BNB Chain, Solana, and Cosmos.